Saturday, 13 October 2012

Processed versus fine mature cheese?

The other day someone kindly informed me that Tesco were offering chairs similar to ours.... So, of course I checked out the so-called competition and quickly recognised that there was no comparison whatsoever. There were two comments in the promotional blurb that made me wince, firstly that it stated 'this requires an adult to sign upon delivery' which instantly got me thinking about the typical buyer.... Do they have lots of kids trying to buy these?! And if so, what are they using them for?  Secondly, Tesco  highlights the fact that this chair is 'foam filled for comfort'. Yuk! Admitedly, there's a price discrepancy and Tesco offer something to park your bottom on for a third of our price. That said, our lavish fabrics are extremely high quality, our chairs are typically antique and we only use traditional upholstery methods using hand stitching and horse hair rather than a cheap and nasty density foam. And of course, we never create one chair exactly like any other.
To me, the anaology is simple. Why buy a synthetic cheese-like triangle when you could experience the body, texture and unique character of a fine mature cheese?

Some of our latest chairs...

And the foam filled chair from Tesco:

Go on, ask yourself, is this really a comparison?! I don't think I'll be losing any sleep just yet over a mass produced chair sold through the country's biggest supermarket chain, but if you're looking for a budget bottom-parker, you'll need to find yourself a responsible adult and place an order.