Saturday, 28 July 2012

STOP your teenagers eating on the sofa...

A couple bought their sofa from Heals shortly after they got married and were thrilled with it back in the day. It’s had copious amounts of red wine spilt on it, kittens delivered on it and plenty of passion – more so in the early days! But after a few decades, the seat was rough, the arms went saggy and the original foam base was certainly past its best...

They asked Liberty Rose Interiors to work some magic and so the sofa was stripped back to the frame for a total refurb. Choosing the right material for a sofa can be hard but in the end the couple opted for poppy red heavy linen which some complimentary cushions filled with duck feathers to set it off.  The sofa has been totally transformed. And that’s not the only thing that has changed. Interestingly, the new lease of life permeates through other elements of family life. Before the transformation, the two teenagers would eat, snort and sniff in the lounge so there were plenty of unidentified spills, dribbles and stains... There is now a new rule in the house. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TAKE ANY FOOD INTO THE SITTING ROOM. As a consequence, everyone now eats together around the dining table.  Wahay – a revival of the great family tea!

Check out these before and after shots for some recent sofa transformations from Liberty Rose Interiors.

Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in the House
Just finished reviewing this book and bursting with interior inspiration. The section on ‘Setting Your Style’ reveals an extensive range of different interior concepts, from Natural and Fleamarket Style to Modern Glamour and Eclectic. ‘Room By Room’ focuses on design ideas and showcases some heart melting ideas. It tells you what you need to know to transform any area of your home. Being a (self-confessed) shopaholic, my favourite part of the book was ‘Attention to Detail’  which shows you how to create a sensation by integrating smaller elements that can utterly transform a space, without affecting the architecture or structure of a building. And of course, this book doesn’t disappoint with lashings of glorious photos of hot houses of the moment. Typically, there’s not a dirty cereal bowl or toddler-coloured wall in sight! Surely real people have the same kind of lived in ambience that my home boasts...

Friday, 27 July 2012

Hand stitched patchwork chair

I love this chair. It's been hand stitched and uses heavy weight cotton from the Cath Kidston range of fabrics. Carefully patchworked it's a charming statement to any boudoir, hall or sitting room. Every piece is bespoke so Liberty Rose Interiors can create something unique to suit your existing decor or perhaps you'll dare to go for a bolder, statement piece...

Liberty Rose Interiors

Liberty Rose Interiors Ltd was established by husband and wife team Jim and Sally Tickner.
Jim began life in the upholstery industry over 20 years ago and has been passionately revitalising furniture by hand ever since.

Jim brings together retro fabrics, clean lines and vivacious curves, adding sweeps of colour in a totally bespoke way.

Sally is a self confessed spendaholic and like most women, enjoys beautiful things and opening up to new influences and styles. Together, they source, design and create stunning pieces to suit the contemporary home. Sally does the back office stuff, hangs out at auctions and looks after the marketing side of the business.

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