Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snap, Blip, Share....

Call it what you like; we’re all at it. With so many digital devices and picture sharing services available, we’re all busy generating our own images of people and places. I tend to store my collection of memories on my tablet or Blackberry. I also create albums and share images with my friends via Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram amongst other social networks. But have you ever considered customising your finest digital pictures specifically for your own home?

Many doting parents enjoy their kids’ exhuberance by turning their little darlings into a canvas or a mug for Grandma at Christmas. But why not make one of your masterpieces a real feature of a new room?

Computer-generated art is high on the agenda of many interior designers this season, so the time is ripe to get creative and add something personal and fabulous, that is not available on the High Street.

You could create wallpaper, cushions, curtains or even commission an upholsterer to create your very own accent chair or sofa that will be the envy of your friends..

Mr Perswall will print any image onto wallpaper and help you to create sensational wall murals. Here are some examples from the inspirational portolio of ready to roll wall options:

Copyright. This picture was taken from

Copyright. This picture was taken from

Copyright. This picture was taken from

If you’re looking to transfer your images onto fabric, there are a number of suppliers out there. HTS Print and Design offer digital, rotary and flat bed screen printing on cottons, polyesters and silks. Again, you can buy something off the peg or you can commission something totally unique. For more ideas, see here:

For a truly unique cushion, you could either take one of your photos or perhaps consider transferring painted artworks to printed fabric. I love these painted cushions and I particularly like the way in which the signature of the artist is added for that extra special personal touch. See link below:

Needless to say, if you fancy a bespoke chair or sofa using your very own fabric, we’re bursting with ideas and always happy to help. Give us a call on 02392 354235 to find out more...

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