Thursday, 31 January 2013

Anyone fancy sitting on my husband's love seat?

Now that's a headline to beat all headlines. And for me it was even more poignant when I read the latest issue of Sew magazine (Feb 2013, Issue 44) which features my husband in the headline below:

'Cuddle up with someone special on James Tickner's love seat'...

It's not every day that you see your husband's name and love seat in the same sentence and certainly not taking up a double page spread in a magazine. Well, not the kind of magazines I usually subscribe to!

The feature is actually a great step-by-step upholstery project. Please see the picture below:

So, if you fancy getting romantic this Valentine's day and want to create some cosy seating, why not grab a copy of the magazine and see how you can use traditional craftsmanship methods to create the perfect place to curl up.

As for sitting on my husband's loveseat... Enough said. I'm off for a quickie....

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