Friday, 21 September 2012

Dark nights and Arabian allure?

We have some strange rules in our house. No drinking before 6pm and never put the heating on before October. Today, I devilishly did the rule-break combo. Wine was poured five minutes early (it's been a long week!) and the heating was cranked up. And the indulgence just rolled on....the Revels (obligatory family size bag) were opened soon after and I also lit one of our very own candles which further fused the mood. The new range of pure wax candles have been hand poured in The Cotswold, use unbleached wicks and use 7-9% perfume. My personal favourite we have named 'Marrakech Nights' which is an intense aroma of cracked black pepper and tamarind... Pure bliss. If you fancy some Arabian allure or rich African spice, our new range of Liberty Rose Interiors candles and diffusers are now available from The Packhouse in Farnham.

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